The Sisterhood of Motherhood

We move with Grace, carrying the world in our bellies.
With strength, we labor and urge life forward.

We face sleepless nights
backaches and breast aches
And heartaches born of love.

We count our daily blessings.
The scent of milk on our babies’ skin.
Fragile fingers furled around our own.
The hungry cry of new life in their lungs.
Each breath soft and steady
Uttering “I am here, I am here!”

We work for life, regenerating the Universe.
Our love prevails over bullets and bombs
for we are Mothers.
We do not spend our strength in labor
merely to see life destroyed
by a thoughtless trigger.

We create every living miracle who walks upon the Earth.
And we protect them.

We, Mothers
Thanks be for us.
Thanks to God for each new Mama.
Thanks for you.

Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood.


Mary Grace Bertulfo

Mary Grace (M.G.) Bertulfo has taught writing and story development strategies to a wide range of students from early childhood to college. She has written for television and children’s education in such venues as CBS, Pearson Education Asia, and Schlessinger and for conservation magazines such as Sierra and Chicago Wilderness. Her fiction has appeared in Growing Up Filipino II, Our Own Voice, The Oak Parker and her essays have appeared in various anthologies.


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