Holding Out for A Hero

I need a hero. Not a superman to fly in and save the day. But a hero I can admire. Someone I can emulate. In my darkest hour, someone who can inspire me to do better and work harder.

Don’t we all need a hero? Whatever life is currently hurling our way at a million miles an hour.

Where have all the heroes gone? These days it’s hard to find them. Isn’t it?

Of course I  do have my literary heroes …

Jane Austen
Charlotte Bronte
Charles Dickens

This week another hero captured my imagination. I have been a life long Cubs fan. I love baseball. The theater of it.  A drama playing out on the ballpark in the grass under the blazing yellow sun. A nine act play unfolding on the field.  And a cast of characters even The Bard couldn’t create.

Ok, let’s be clear being a Cubs fan is not for the faint of heart.

You have to possess a faith that borders on insane ready to be canonized as a saint levels. You are a fan for the love of the game. Not for the love of winning.

My cousins are all White Sox fans.

They all bleed black and white. A few years back my cousin’s wife, an East coast Chicago transplant, suggested that I join the rest of the family and become a Sox fan. Bless her heart.  I know that deep down she was trying to be helpful. But you can’t go against your DNA. You are born a Cubs fan. It’s in your blood. As much as I’d like to grow four inches, it just ain’t gonna happen either. So I told her that I’d sooner give up baseball than be a Sox fan.

I then swore off the Cubs like a bad boyfriend.

Until this year. I heard murmurs about a new manager. A new team greener than the grass they were playing on. A pitcher who could pitch AND hit. This seemed too good to be true.

As I watched the Cubs vs Pirates, a one wild card National League death match game for the Division Series playoffs, my heart filled with jubilation. Yes seeing the Cubs kick butt always puts this girl in a good mood, but it was more than that. It was much more than that.

I was inspired.

I was emboldened.

I was energized.

There on the mound of it stood a modern day Herculean Hero.

Jake Arrieta.

What makes a  hero?  Is it flowing blond locks? A big hammer. And even bigger muscles.


Maybe for a mega budget super hero movie.

A real life hero that you can hang your hat on .

1)Doesn’t take himself too seriously.


2) Understands what’s really important.


3) Knows how to handle the naysayers.

Jake Arrieta Retweeted Parody_Parrot_

Whatever helps keep your hope alive, just know, it doesn’t matter.

4) Knows when to take a stand.


5) And knows when to focus on getting the job done.


6) Can silence the  enemy on their home turf.


7) Knows there’s no “I” in team.


Someone who gives us hope, when all hope is lost.

Even after 107 years. Someone who just steps on the mound and gets the job done. Someone who reminds us why we loved the game in the first place.

“Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure.” – Joe Madden Chicago Cubs Manager

The game ain’t over until it’s over.Every game is  a new beginning. Every inning a second chance to hit a home run. Maybe even hit one out of the park.

It’s hope.

It’s luck.

It’s hard work.

It’s a curse.

It’s faith.

It’s teamwork.

It’s sunshine.

It’s a legacy.

And if all else fails.

There’s always next season.

And it’s knowing that this season is finally here.

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 22: Jake Arrieta #49 celebrates his 20th win of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field on September 22, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Cubs won 4-0. (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 22: Jake Arrieta #49 celebrates his 20th win of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field on September 22, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Cubs won 4-0. (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)


Amelia Estelle Dellos is a writer.

Amelia Estelle Dellos is a writer, producer and director living in Chicago.She is a recovering marketing director and public relations vet who has been known to yell out in her sleep, “No you can’t re-write the copy!”

When she’s not reminding her daughter to brush her teeth, making homemade soup in her Vitamix or walking her punky white fluffy dog, she runs her production company Corn Bred Films.

Amelia’s current project in pre-production is Oriole Park, a dramatic coming of age thriller inspired by her experience growing up in John Wayne Gacy’s neighborhood during the late seventies.

Her other project is a three part novel titled Delilah, which against her better judgment she has spent the last year researching and writing.

Recent credits include:  the romantic comedy Other Plans starring Jamie Kennedy which was released on video on demand this summer.  The documentary she produced and directed, Love Under Fire: The Story of Bertha & Potter Palmer that aired on PBS and was a finalist for the 2014 Women’s International Film Festival.  She also co-directed and produced the political documentary Red, White and Blue: The Tale of Two Americas.

She is committed to developing the Midwest’s independent film community and serves on the executive committee of the board of directors for the Independent Filmmakers Project Chicago (IFP/Chicago).

Amelia  also is committed to supporting women and their work and curates the blog Women Who Write https://womenwhowriteblog.wordpress.com.


3 thoughts on “Holding Out for A Hero

  1. Ah how could you possibly accommodate another sport? Yet, there’s also room for more eye candy!

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