10 Q’s with Amelia Dellos

Founder of Women Who Write. She will moderate the panel at An Evening With Women Who Write on Sept. 8th.


  1. Do you write every day?

Yes. I work in PR so I am pretty much “writing” every day.  When I am actively working on a script or editing my novel, the laptop is always open and I write every moment I can.


I feel better when I am working on a creative writing project. I get anxious and a bit nutty when I am not writing writing. Like there is something missing from my life, I just feel off mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


2. Do you write with or without music?

I can’t write to music with lyrics. My brain keeps jumping to the words and I can’t concentrate. I keep hearing the lyrics. Sometimes I play light classical or soundscapes. Otherwise is it just quiet.


That being said, music really inspires and informs my work. I do make soundtracks for my various writing projects that I listen to while working out. I find that certain songs inspire me and help with the creative process capturing the mood or feeling of a piece that I am working on.


 3.  What word do you overuse?


At the end of the day.





4. Do you have any writing rituals or prayers?

 I write at home.  I can’t write in a café or coffee house because I find myself listening in on people’s conversations. I just can’t help myself. I am a chronic eavesdropper. I get lost in listening in or people watching. I find myself mentally writing backstories for the people around me.


When I sit down to write, I usually just jump in. Like jumping into an ice cold pool, I take a running leap, close my eyes and just hit the water.


Or I might meditate for 10 minutes. I have an app on my iPad called the insight timer. I use it to calm my mind and thoughts if I find that I am having trouble settling in.  I also have an essential oil diffuser, I will fill it up and turn it on the scents help me focus.


I pray at night. I try to always give thanks at the end of the day.


5. What are you reading right now? Watching on TV?

I have too many books going right now. That is not normal for me, I am normally a more disciplined reader. I am editing my novel right now and I am having trouble sitting down to read for pleasure.

Much of what I read these days is research for my novel. I am reading Charlotte Brontë: A Fiery Heart by Claire Harman, Joan of Arc by Kathyn Harrison,  The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg, Don’t Look Now short stories by Daphne Du Maurier and Maestra by L.S. Hilton.

I am obsessed with the show Peaky Blinders because of the writer and creator Stephen Knight.  I just finished Penny Dreadful and was disappointed with the series ending. I love Game of Thrones. #JonSnowLives, sorry if that was a spoiler for you. This summer, I found myself drawn into Animal Kingdom.


6. What is a book that you read over and over again?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I feel as though I am a better human being for reading both of those books.


7. What is the biggest challenge you face as a woman who writes?




Followed by guilt, taking time away from my family  to get lost in another world, at times it feels selfish and self-indulgent.


8. If I weren’t a writer, I would be…

I spent a good part of my adult life fighting this urge to be a writer. I think I am stuck doing this. I feel too far down the road to turn back now.


9. What inspires you?


Nature. Even though, I am a city girl to the core, being in nature really inspires me. Mother Nature’s creation, it just puts everything else into perspective.


Art, music, theater, film, books– it all inspires me. I am also really inspired by live performances whether it’s a play or a concert. I need to see people expressing themselves through their art.


10. After reading Delilah: Recovered, what do you hope readers take away?


I want readers to be satisfied and thoroughly entertained. I want them to want to read the rest of the books in the series. I hope that they enjoy the world that I had so much fun creating.


Delilah BC 3_Page_1


Delilah: Recovered (supernatural romance): a brutal attack causes Dee Dee Smythe to recover memories of her past life as a powerful witch and puts her in danger from evil forces that have been circling her for centuries.

I am a screenwriter, producer and founder of Corn Bred Films. In addition to working on my novel Delilah: Recovered, I am working on my third film project Oriole Park. The film is in pre-production, and won “Best Pitch” at the Chicago International Film Festival. My other film project, Other Plans is a romantic comedy that I co-wrote was released on video on demand last summer. And the documentary, that I produced, directed and wrote, Love Under Fire: The Story of Bertha & Potter Palmer aired on PBS and was selected for the 2014 Women’s International Film Festival.

Delilah Recovered is part one of a trilogy exploring the heroine’s journey.

Find Delilah on

FB:  DelilahD’Arc

Twitter: @DelilahD’Arc



Join us as we celebrate the publishing accomplishments of Michelle Cox, Maria  Karamitsos, Iris Waichler, Emily Paster,  and Ruth Kaufman. Evening will include refreshments, meet and greet with the authors, and panel discussion.

TO RSVP visit our Facebook Event Page:  An Evening With Women Who Write. 



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