10 Q’s With Iris Waichler

Iris Waichler

Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW
Patient Advocate/Author

Role Reversal, Taking Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents – Available Now on Amazon.

Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide to Educate and Inspire – Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner for Best Book of the Year. Winner of the National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Gold Award for best book of the year. Winner of the finalist award for Foreword Magazine 2007 non-fiction Book of the Year.

1. Do you write every day?

I either write, send tweets, or Facebook posts daily.

2. Do you write with or without music?

I cannot write with music or any noise. I find it to distracting. I have to have total quiet unlike my teenage daughter.

3. Word that you overuse?

I noticed that I say really quite a bit. I am not sure why.

4. Any writing rituals? Prayers?

My favorite way to write is to sit on my bed propped up by pillows with my dog next to me so I can pet her to stay relaxed. She doesn’t mind it either.

5. What are you reading right now? Watching on TV?

I am in a book club so we have read some great books. I just finished reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.It is a book about slavery that was really fascinating. It is based on some real life people whom I had never known about.

My favorite T.V. Shows are The Good Wife and The Americans. I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and can’t wait for that to come back on Netflix.

6. Book that you read over and over again.

When I was at Book Expo of America I heard Louise Penny speak. Her speech was powerful and moving and her personal story captivated me. I had never heard of her. I now realize her books are hugely successful. She writes an ongoing series about a detective named, Armand Gamache, who is based on her husband. I am enjoying her book that I got there. I plan on reading them all. I love her writing.

My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. I have reread that. It seems particularly relevant right now.

7. Biggest challenge you face as a woman who writes.

Making the time to write in between taking care of my family and my dog.
8. If you weren’t a writer, you’d be …

A film critic. I love movies.

9. What inspires you?

People whose words influence and inspire others inspire me. Great writing and oration are so difficult to do. When you find someone that can do it, you can’t help but be inspired.

10. After reading your book (s), you hope that the readers will…

My book is a non-fiction book. It is a memoir on my father’s life. It is also a book to help people cope with the challenges of taking care of their aging parents. It is the ultimate role reversal. If my book gives them information or resources that makes that role more manageable I will be thrilled. I also wanted people to know about my father. I think he was an extraordinary, funny, loving man and a patriot. I hope that comes through in my book as well.




This book was conceived as I watched my loving and lovable father, Melvin Edward Sneider, advance in age. I began to assume a larger role in his life helping him when he asked and later even when he didn’t. He needed the help even though he didn’t always know it. This was true especially near the end of his life.
As I began sharing my idea about this book, I met so many people who began telling stories of becoming caregivers for their loved ones. I heard their stories of the good and bad and all that role entails. At times a day didn’t go by when I didn’t have someone share their care giving story.
I decided to blend my personal experience caring for my beloved father with my forty years of expertise as a clinical social worker and patient advocate. Role Reversal Taking Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents offers invaluable information on a comprehensive variety of key topics, including estate planning, copings with grief/anger, building a support network, and ultimately finding the right level of care for your aging parent.

For more information, visit http://iriswaichler.com/.



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