Meditation: Even Better Than I Thought

Written by Diane Wilson


Your coach is also a student.

This is the fifth week of a meditation teacher course, and I’m engrossed. It has become the major focus of all my free time and then some. Homework includes reading, posting, watching and making videos plus a little photography, which I love.

I wanted to take this meditation teacher training class because I teach my neurofeedback clients how to meditate and thought I could polish up my pedagogy. Second, after meditating for years, it was time to strengthen my own practice. It’s given me a lot, but I could benefit from making it an even bigger part of life. Finally, I wanted tools for sharing meditation in groups and helping my corporate clients.

Meditation is like a superpower and increases the potency of the primary tool I use in brain training: neurofeedback. I think of it like this: in sessions, the neurofeedback rewires the brain. Between sessions, meditation strengthens these changes and the brain’s readiness for change overall.

The class is online which is just a bit of an adjustment. It’s my first online class. The advantage is being able to take it from people in Northern California for whom meditating and teaching it is their life’s devotion. I met my teachers on a retreat this summer.

Fellow students are from all over the world – Dubai, Canada, Pakistan, Africa, The Philippines and a rich sprinkling of cities from coast to coast in the United States.

Each week is different, challenging and rewarding all at the same time.


Last week we each had to find a research study on meditation used for a different condition. With 15 online classmates, I got to see many studies on meditation’s benefits including for anxiety, depression, alcoholism, slowing down the aging process and Olympic athletes.

These athletes, showed significant differences in pre-performance stress as measured by a saliva test. Yes, you could see the difference, in their physiology. Another student shared a study on cellular changes from meditation. Amazing!

This week I have practice teachings via the Internet with fellow students. To me, that’s the finest irony: practicing ancient wisdom with each other across the world made possible by 21st century technology.

I’ll keep you posted on my meditation learnings. Daily, we try various meditation approaches and tools. I feel calmer and more centered already. I’m excited though for what the teaching is bringing. In a world full of chaos, I know this will be a good thing.


Do you meditate? Any success stories? Or did it not work for you? Feel free to leave me your comments here.


Diane Wilson Photo2

Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN, is a seasoned coach and psychotherapist with a background in career and executive coaching.

Diane is the author of “Back In Control: How to Stay Sane, Productive and Inspired in Your Career Transition,” finalist for the Nautilus Books Awards, which recognizes books that help the world become a better place.

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